Langley Halloween Candy Buy Back Dr Aly Kanani
October 2015
To Support Langley Schools & Encourage Healthy Lifestyles
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Question: Do you host the Langley Candy Buy Back Program every year?


Answer: Yes, Langley Candy Buy Back is the official Halloween candy buy back program open to all Langley and area youth under the age of 18 years old


Question: Is this a charity event?


Answer: Yes, for every pound of candy collected, $1.00 is donated to the child, up to a maximum of $10.00.  Furthermore, the schools students that donate the most candy will receive an additional $200 to their schools P.A.C. from Dr. Aly Kanani himself.  Furthermore, Dr. Aly Kanani will donate the equivalent amount of money given out in food bank donations to the Langley Food Bank.


Question: Do you accept all candies?


Answer: We will accept all wrapped candy in good condition.  Any candy that is unwrapped will be discarded.


Question: What will you do with the candy once it is collected?


Answer: In the past, candy has been donated to the local food bank. This particular year, the candy is being donated to local Drug Rehab Centres to help those addicted to drugs to substitute candy in its place.


Question: Where is the candy dropped off?


Answer: This year, candy is being collected at Langley Orthodontics located at the Jeske Corporate Centre at the corner of 200th Street and 72nd Avenue.  The exact address is 201-19978 72nd Avenue, in Langley. The langley orthodontist office website is


Question: I belong to the media and would like to write a story to help promote this event.  Whom do I contact?


Answer: All media inquiries can be made by visiting here.


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